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What health challenges are you able to help me with?

We have had the privilege to help clients who are looking to do whatever it takes to achieve abundant health. The health challenges that our clients may be dealing with range from weight loss to cancer. We also help individuals increase productivity and performance in their work or sport.

How much does an appointment cost?

It depends what approach you want to take. We provide a 30 minute complimentary initial consultation for you to discover who we are and what we do. It also gives us the opportunity to help you know what the best approach would be based on your health needs. We have appointment costs ranging from $29 to $399.

Do you take insurance?

We do not work directly with insurance companies although some of our clients have been able to work with their insurance companies to cover some of their costs at the Nutrition and Health Center.

How long will it take before my health improves?

Reaching the ideal health status requires understanding of body systems and their function. We will provide the information you need about diet, lifestyle, stress, water, rest and toxins all the while we are showing you how your body is responding to your lifestyle changes through testing. Once balance is attained which generally takes 6 months to a year depending on past health issues a maintenance level program will be developed.

How frequently should I experience bowel movements?

During the initial phase of dietary and lifestyle changes bowel function should increase. The goal for ideal health is to have strong cleansing effects before noon each day with 3-5 bowel movements removing toxic waste and food remnants from the previous day. If you do not experience these bowel movements toxins will not be properly eliminated and can reabsorb increasing multiple symptoms of discomfort.

Do you perform hormone replacement therapy?

The word “replacement” always indicates an approach that is based on the assumption that the body can no longer produce what is needed. This is not true. For example, after menopause, the pituitary and adrenal systems are still capable of producing sex hormones such as progesterone, testosterone and estradiol. The problem is that our stressful lifestyle has often made these systems weak, and so they are not producing at full capacity. With proper nutrition, sleep and relaxation strategies, the body can once again produce all the hormones needed. We prefer to support the body’s natural healing process therefore allowing complete production of hormones in all years of life. Our Creator has provided all hormone precursors in herbal plants world wide.

Where should I buy supplements?

Because the supplement industry is subject to only minimal regulations, many companies produce products that have very few active ingredients, and these are often in synthetic forms that are not useable by the body and can ultimately harm the body. We use pharmaceutical grade supplements that have independent lab testing to assure that the ingredients are of the finest grade and that all ingredients are at full potency listed on the label. Also, dosages must be determined by some type of testing. A generic dosage rarely produces the results desired. All of the supplements that we use show beneficial results when we retest, so we know they work!

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