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Our Process


Through health history forms, symptom questionnaires & clinical assessments, each client is evaluated. We address the health concerns, causes of illness & treat the whole body rather than focusing on the symptoms or “disease label.”


We design a custom program tailored to your specific health needs including a food plan and supplementation. We encourage regular follow ups and continual education in lifestyle changes and exercise.


Our founder, Steve Steeves, obtained healing through nutrition and health. Steve’s story. He began the Nutrition and Health Center to lead clients down a path of restorative healing and to teach preventative health.

Principles Of Health

What We Do

We help our clients find the optimum balance through our “Principles of Health.” Using the customized plan, your body will have its unique needs met, so you can enjoy abundant living. God designed your body as a marvelous gift. By being good stewards of this gift, we give ourselves the best chance for receiving the blessings of good health.

How It Works

During your initial consultation, we will run various tests to assess your health. We will educate you on the test results and how to reach your goals. Lastly, we develop a customized plan and treatment recommendations that give you a clear path to improvement. Our bodies are unique, so every health plan is too.

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