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How did it change me?

We need to be reminded on a regular basis as to why?  Why does the colon have such dramatic impact on allergies?   Do you notice that when you flush or clear the colon there is immediate relief from most all allergy symptoms? Personally I know this because when I first moved to Houston in 1980 I started having intensive allergy symptoms that I suffered for years.  Now when ever I get sick with a headache, cough, stuffy/runny nose, fever and body aches.  Implementing colon irrigation or C Cleanse procedure to clear the colon an activate the immune cells within the digestive tract has amazing and immediate healing in the body.  Russel Jaffe, MD, PhD., CCN says “Don’t overlook your colon, it won’t overlook you.” Here this brilliant medical professional in alternative and natural medicine speaks so bluntly and plainly about how the colon is connected to all body systems.

Is the Problem more simple, really?

What is the problem really? There can be many reasons why we experience allergies. To learn more about why we experience allergies check out a previous blog, Allergy relief and prevention.  Put simply, we experience allergies because a combination of three things happening in our immune system; excessive intake of toxins, insufficient nutrient consumption and inadequate toxin removal. This compromises and confuses our immune system and an allergic reaction is not far away. The solutions mentioned in the previous allergy article focus on environmental and lifestyle changes that can be made to prevent or relieve allergies. These are of primary importance, do what is recommended in the article first and keep doing them. You will see results.

Our Immune Shield the Body’s Defense System

Another important point to consider is how the colon effects our immune system. About 70 to 80 percent of the immune system resides in your digestive tract, and more than five feet of that tract is comprised of your colon. If you cleanse the colon you will probably find the relief you are looking for more quickly.

In an article written by Dr. Tom Bayne, he addresses the relation between intestinal health and seasonal allergies. He says, “A healthy digestive tract is a strong barrier that allows nutrients to be absorbed into the blood stream and waste products are pushed through the tract until they are passed out as a bowel movement.” He goes on to highlight how if there are disruptions in the digestive process then “food will not be completely broken down.” Too large to be absorbed these excessively large particles of food “sit in the intestines and rot.” This causes an imbalanced pH of the colon, creating yeast overgrowth which is a major cause of the gut leaking. At this point is when the immune system gets involved and creates sensitivities and allergies to the foods that have leaked through the intestinal walls.

Many Benefits of Alternative Approaches to Allergies

What can you do about it? In the article we posted, Allergy relief and prevention, you can find a variety of things that can be done to boost immune health and heal a dysfunctional digestive system. We also recommend colon hydrotherapy or colonics as I mentioned earlier, because of it’s ability to clear the colon of undigested waste that is not passing. For productive colon hydrotherapy sessions eat a vegetarian diet and drink plenty of water at least two days before a session. This helps soften the colon walls and loosen the hardened waste. Click here to find out more about colon hydrotherapy.

One fact to keep in mind regarding colon health and it’s relation to health challenges is, any disruption in my body is directly related to a disruption in my colon. Keep this in mind and you will find solutions to your health challenges simply and swiftly.

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