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NHC’s Personalized Supplementation for Radical Health

Our radical fast pace computerized World today is overwhelming at times, and because this is so it is quite impossible to meet beneficial levels of key nutrients from a healthy diet alone.  Thriving in life is truly dependent on how we can adequately supplement our depleted food sources of today. Research has shown that the same fruits and vegetables found in grocery stores have only 20% of the nutrient levels found in stores in 1950.   Healthcare practitioners of today are moving rapidly to the Functional Medicine model that incorporates supplements for multiple reasons. Because the need is evident and you the consumer have demanded it. Personalizing your specific nutrient supplementation involves a process:

  1. Discover you lifestyle needs through thorough evaluation and commit to the process of renewal.
  2. Assess with proper functional testing to evaluate the physiological need for specific nutrients.
  3. Learn more about your body and the systems that work together.
  4. Have an ongoing plan of testing, evaluation, and supplementation changes.
  5. Implement your plan every day with a commitment to healing principles God created to work in you.

Connect with a Passionate Practitioner

The practitioners today who desire to really help people are those who know and understand that you “get what you pay for”. Most of our clients/consumers/patients are willing to pay for quality professional nutraceutical supplements that really work in the process of health restoration.  They learn through the process how the support of supplementation allows the body to defend and repair body cells and tissues. It is the daily supplementation with vitamins, minerals, botanical herbs, amino acids, and fatty acids and other phytochemical components from God’s creation that is the true remedy for health. Supplements are only as effective as the dietary and lifestyle habits that we will commit to.

Certain people may benefit from a specific nutrient or herbal botanical at times in life when specific health concerns arise or they experience increased nutritional requirements in times of stress. Targeted support with professional testing and guidance are paramount for success for the true health seeker of today.  From this the proper choice of proprietary blends and mixed co-factors are used to enable greater metabolic benefits.

No products work quite like proprietary blended professional products.  We choose companies who develop products that deliver medical foods and nutraceuticals which are safe, effective, and reliable. Truly natural sourced plant and herbal derivatives that are formulated in combinations with other nutrients for targeted approaches to health.  These professional nutraceutical ingredients are supported by reputable clinical and laboratory research that complement our own high standards. For flexibility and optimal use, some formulas offer multi-functional support while others may be used in combination to meet individual needs. We consider individual preferences and tastes when formulating protocols with ingredient delivery in capsules, softgels, tablets, liquids, chewables, powders, and bars.

Quality Sugar opens up Cell Membranes to Optimize Energy
Natural low glycemic sugars used in professional medical food supplements was our creators choice.  If quality sugars are taken in the right amount from an organic non GMO healthy source, from fruit or beets for example. Further balancing carbohydrate sources with the complete trinity of foods, protein and fats, ideal health can be achieved.  Approximately 95% of fructose in the food industry comes from sources such as corn that is GMO.  Fructose, for example, found in our Metagenics Ultra Meal is from beets and has a low glycemic index.  GI, or glycemic index, is the rate at which the sugar increases in the blood stream from digestion.  The presence of fiber such as strawberries or blueberries in a smoothie slows the fructose release into the bloodstream.  Research shows that balanced blood sugars allow for fat loss, and healthy levels of blood sugar and triglycerides are achieved consistently with the use of these medical food formulas.  Often I recommend these medical food formulas to diabetic patients.  A healthy ratio of Protein/Carbohydrate/Fat is key.  These formulas are tested in the only human research laboratory in Gig Harbor Washington.

Meeting Requirements for Daily Nutrition & Targeted Applications

Since the fall of man in the garden of Eden, studies have continually validated that a majority of Americans consume inadequate nutrition.  Lifestyle itself can deplete your body of key nutrients it needs to function optimally. Environmental oxidative factors negatively impact cell health. Oxidative stress is a nutrient-hungry process that protects you from unwanted visitors, but too much oxidative stress exhausts our nutrient reserves.

Research suggests accelerated aging may result from an imbalance between damaging processes (depleting factors), too much oxidative stress, and repair processes. The greater the imbalance in favor of damaging processes, the faster we age. Humans are a stress-tolerant and metabolically flexible species. However, everyone of us does have limits.

Consider the following nutrient-depleting biological stressors:

  •  Alcohol
  • Exercise
  • Caffeine
  • Nicotine
  • Junk food
  • Illness
  • Prescription medications (e.g., diuretics, antibiotics, birth control pills)
  • Over-the-counter medications (e.g.,antacids, pain relievers)
  • Daily and life events (e.g., emotional, physical, environmental, metabolic)
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Injury (e.g., trauma, surgery)
  • Hospitalization
  • Intestinal problems (e.g., diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease)

Individually or in concert, the above items can severely rob you of nutrients through multiple factors, and additionally can:

  • Increase the level of nutrients your body needs
  • Accelerate nutrient losses from environmental factors
  • Impair proper absorption of nutrients from your food
 We have many functional tests that can determine whether or not you are getting enough from your diet and supplement intake.  Careful monitoring of these test parameters found under our service/assessments through all the seasons of the year is key to determining your supplemental needs and provide support that you may live in abundant health without disease all the days of your life.
Steve Steeves

Hello my name is Steve Steeves. I am the founder, CEO and head practitioner at the Nutrition and Health Center. My passion is providing hope for healing and healthy solutions for abundant living. You were created to be in health, I can help you get there.

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