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The Herxheimer Reaction

Is it ever good to feel bad? In some cases, yes. When you start a new treatment for an illness, your symptoms might increase at first, leaving you wondering if you’re really getting healthier at all. This is called a Herxheimer reaction. This is the “die-off” effect that many people experience when they dramatically improve their diet and lifestyles. It is an bio-chemical response to the toxic by-products produced when the body’s pH is changed for the better. When this happens, large numbers of dangerous bacteria and yeast organisms die and leave the body.

During this period, you won’t feel very well, but in reality, you are responding positively to treatment. After this initial detoxification period, you should see significant improvement of your symptoms. In order to enhance or speed up the process often nutrient levels are increased to rid the body systems of toxins, acids and or microbes. The length of time this reaction can occur is within 24 hours up to weeks depending on the individual body chemistry and genetic factors. We often recommend colon hydrotherapy to enhance this clearing phase and allow the body to return to ideal state as soon as possible.

Steve Steeves

Hello my name is Steve Steeves. I am the founder, CEO and head practitioner at the Nutrition and Health Center. My passion is providing hope for healing and healthy solutions for abundant living. You were created to be in health, I can help you get there.

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